What is it?


Designed to find your missing Pets easily or just to keep an eye on where your Pet is while you are away from home, we created our F1 Finder to stop the worry when you are not around. The F1 Finder gives you an accurate position of your pet within metres from anywhere in the country that has Cellphone range.

Measuring 30mm/50mm/9mm the device has a rating of IP66 which makes it waterproof. A silicon strap comes with the Finder to attach to your Pets collar and our App is compatible with both the Iphone and Android. The battery lasts 2/3 days and is fully rechargeable. 

Communicating to our Free Google Maps styled App, your Pet is one beacon which gives up to date location signals. Your Phone is another beacon on the App which positions itself wherever you. 

With one tap of a button, the fastest route connecting yourself and your Pet is given.

Our F1 Finder uses a SIM card to communicate and gives regular position updates. The Vodafone SIM card comes installed in the Finder, all you have to do is follow our easy instructions and Top up the SIM. The tracker uses minimal data so topping up the credit is only needed every few months.

The F1 Finder updates every 3 minutes which is the recommended setting. The intervals can be dictated by you in the settings of the App depending on you or your Pets situation. 

A ‘GEO Fence’ can also be set up in your Petlocate App. This gives a fence line around your property that will send a text should your Pet walk out of the pre-set area. An awesome way to keep track of your Pet if you have an escape artist! 

  • Simply receive the text your Pet has escaped 
  • Open your App to see where your Pet is
  • Push the arrow and get the fastest route from you to your Pet. 

As easy as that.

You can have as many Pets as you want on the one App, and you are able to put an image of your Pet on each Beacon so you know who is who!

You are also able to put the one tracker on as many apps as you want so the whole family can keep a close eye.

 A simple solution that is easy and affordable, a solution that can prevent a problem no-one wants.

The Petlocate Team



More in depth Details

 The tracker works off SIM card technology. A SIM is provided and is all ready installed with the tracker. You will only need to provide data for the SIM. There is a given link in the SIM feature to Vodafone on the home page, we estimate around $10.00 every 3 months for the tracker to keep communicating, but this is dependant on how many times the tracker communicates. Vodafone is the only network provider that will work due to the nature of 2G.

The signal of the tracker is dependant on the strength of the CellPhone coverage. Our F1 Finder uses the same technology as your phone, so requires the same satellites to send and receive information. 

The device is so small that the antenna is not as strong as a cellphone. This is common for all tracking devices. 

For example if your Pet moves inside, the signal is not as strong and will switch to LBS, the secondary signal which is not as accurate,

With an open sky to communicate through, our tracker has an accuracy anywhere from 3m - 10m and your beacon on the App will be BLUE.

When there are obstacles and the tracker is struggling to communicate, for example in a 2 story house, the Tracker will switch from BLUE GPS high accuracy to GREEN LBS tracking. This tracking has an accuracy of 10m - 1km. As soon as the tracker picks up GPS it will switch from Green to the more accurate Blue. If your tracker is Grey, the device has lost power or you have run out of credit.

If your Finder is Green the best way to update to Blue is to select the update positioning in the settings. If your Pet has moved outside this will pin point the location straight away instead of waiting for the next programmed update.

The tracking feature on the App allows you to follow your Pet to the last communicated spot, so if this situation arises you know exactly where your Pet last was within metres. And if the beacon is Green, you know your Pet is still around this area.

 The battery should last around 2 days. This is dependant on how often the tracker communicates to your App, or how often you are updating the location of the tracker. It is also dependent on the strength of the cell coverage in your area.

You are able to change the time, in minutes, that the tracker communicates through your App under device settings. If you are wanting more battery life, make the tracker communicate less frequently. If you are wanting faster updates enter a lesser time here in minutes. Be aware this will cost more on your plan and use more battery life. Your tracker will notify you when your battery is low. 

Also be aware when your battery gets to 5% the tracker will switch to the Green LBS positioning Low battery mode, but will notify you of a low battery before hand.