SIM Details


The F1 Finder requires a SIM card to work. The tracker communicates the same way a Smartphone does through the Internet. 

 The SIM is all ready installed in the tracker with the details of the number etc on the SIM packaging provided in the Petlocate Box.

Under the Instructions, the recommended Plan (Pay and GO) plus way to keep up to date with your Sim credit is provided. We have tried to keep any extra costs included our the price. The courier, cloud based costs and even the SIM are all included but unfortunately the data must be maintained by yourself as it is through Vodafone. The tracker uses minimal data so $10.00 should last a few months. This calculation is done on the basis the tracker communicates every 3 minutes as set out in the instructions, but we can't calculate individual situations as every area has different cell coverage etc.

 Vodafone is the only network our F1 Finder will work on due to the 2G compatibility and the promise of the network been sustained until 2022. The Finder has been programmed for this Network only. 


The Petlocate Team