Instructions SIM

Since the SIM is already in the tracker, call Vodafone on 777 or 0800 800 021

Have your SIM Card number ready (found on the SIM packaging in the Petlocate Box)

plus your debit/credit card.

Enter 1 for Mobile, then 1 for Prepay. From here navigate to talk to an operator 

Tell the operator you need  to;


  • Activate the SIM Card


  • Set the SIM Card up for Pay & Go (make sure this is clear)


  • Put $10.00/$20.00 credit on the SIM card.


Be sure to tell the operator the SIM is for a tracker not a phone so the SIM must be ready to go when you hang up the phone. 

This process should take less than a minute.

All done! 


Now you can set the Tracker your on your phone.


We recommend Downloading the My Vodafone App and register using the SIM number provided. This App lets you know the credit of your SIM, plus has an easy way to pay and stay up to date every few months.

For the easiest method to set this up, ask the operator to set up a login and verification code which can be emailed to you.

Download the My Vodafone App and go through the set up from there



These instructions are for once the Sim card has been set up and the tracker is ready to go.


Power the Tracker up for about 30mins. The tracker comes all ready powered up and tested, but there is no way of showing the battery status until you have registered the device to your App.

Search Petlocate in either the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store. Download and register.


  • Push and hold the the middle button until the green light turns on, then after 5 seconds tap the same middle button. The blue light should blink with every push. This tells you the tracker is on.


  • Open your Petlocate App and push the Menu selection on the top left next to MAP.


  • Select Add device


  • Either push scan and scan the barcode on the back, or push Input and enter the 15 digit IMEI code just under the bar code. The both achieve the same result.


  • Push dog, or select other and create your own Pet profile


  • Once done get back to the Map on your screen and push the 4 squares on the top right corner.


  • Select Function


  • Device settings


  • Upload Interval


  • Enter 3, confirm (this sets your tracker to send a signal every 3 minutes which is the recommended setting for data use. If you want it faster or slower select your own timeframe in minute increments. Just be aware of the data usage and battery life will change depending on what you select.)


  • Put the tracker outside so it is visible to the open sky.


  • Back to the App once the tracker is outside go back to the 4 squares on the top right of your screen and select it, push device settings then Select Real time position and Confirm.


  • Back out to the Map picture, select the top left Menu drop down and push System Setting, Notification Centre, and push the tick symbol.


    Back out of the menu and wait a couple of minutes, your Finder will position itself in the blue status to where you are.


    For more details plus videos, go to the Instructions on our website homepage.  


    F1 Finder Lights meaning 

    Green = Charging

    Blue = On