How Long does the battery last?

  • The battery lasts around 2/3 days depending on cell coverage in the area.                                                                                                                     
  • This is changeable in the settings. The Finder's battery life is either less or more depending on how many signals are sent.
    What Sim Plan does it take?
    • The Pay and Go plan through Vodafone is the recommended plan. Since this is the only plan that carries over its data it is the cheapest. The Finder uses minimal data depending on the cellphone signal. All the info is found in the SIM section in the menu.

    Can I use another Mobile provider

    • No. Vodafone is the only provider that is sustaining its 2G network for another few years. The Finder has pre-programmed settings for the Vodafone network so it will only work off their satellites.

    How often does the tracker update to the App

    • Out of the box the tracker sends a signal every 3 minutes. Your are able to program this in the Device settings to suit your requirements, any minute increment can be used. Just remember the more the Finder signals the more battery is used, and the more data is used.

    Is it Waterproof?

    • Yes the Tracker has a IP66 waterproof rating which makes waterproof but not fully submergible for long amounts of time. It is recommended to dry the tracker when it gets wet, especially after salt water.

     What is the Warranty?

    • The warranty is for 1 year on product faults. Should the Dog bite it, eat it or any other problem happen that is not a manufacture fault the warranty is void. Also there is no refund should there be no Cell signal in your area, or you did not read and T&Cs

     How does the Geo-Fence work and what is?

    • The GEO Fence works by creating a boundary around an area on the Map in your App. If the F1 Finder leaves this boundary a notification will be sent to your phone. The signal is received once the Finder sends an update that it is outside the perimeter, so if the Finder is set to signal every 3 minutes sometimes it can take 3 minutes to notify you.

     Is the App Free?

    • Yes the App is a free download.

     How can I find out more about the Tracker?

    Send us an email or watch the Full video clip on the page.

    Watch all the videos as all the details are covered. For any more questions email us on dave@petlocate.co.nz