The Petlocate App can be downloaded from the Samsung Play Store or the Apple App Store

On the Map the beacon has 3 different Colours. They represent the different communication Modes

- Blue means the tracker is communicating 100% in GPS Mode

- Green means the tracker is obstructed and is communicating in the secondary LBS Mode 

- Grey means the tracker is Offline 

On the Map the 2 left icons are for the following

Shadowed Square - This lets you swap from Google Maps to a Satellite Map

Circle - This swaps you in between where your Phone is on the Map and where your Tracker is 

Triangle - Gives you fastest Mapped route from your Phone to your Tracker 


App Instructions

Top Left Map Menu

Pushing the Grey Icon - Changing your Pets icon, Passwords etc 

Add Device - Use this to Scan or Input the tracker IMEI number to identify your tracker to your App

Alarm Message - Any Alarm history is listed here for your tracker

System Message - Any Messages your Tracker needs to list will be here 

System Setting, Notification Centre - Used to turn On/Off Notifications on your Phone


Top Right 4 Squares Menu

Location - Gives an instant Tracker Location Update

Step Count - Counts your Pets Steps

GEO Fence - Lets you put a Security Boundary around your Pet giving you notifications if they walk outside of this


Track - History of where your Tracker has been

Alarm Message - History of Alarm Events

Guardian List - List of users

Device Settings

SOS Number - What the tracker calls if you push the middle tracker button for 2 way communication

Upload Interval - The amount of times the tracker communicates to the App in minutes

Real-Time Position - Instant Real time update of the trackers location

Pedometer On/Off 

GPS Working Period - Schedule of when you want the tracker to turn on/off