About Us



 Petlocate Ltd is a Family owned business created in 2017. Dave, Ange, little Zoey and our dog Frank. Our Company was set up with a goal of providing a solution for Pet owners who wanted to be able to keep an eye on where their Pet was, at anytime.

With the idea thought up while Frank was lost when he was a puppy, Petlocate was driven to be a company that took all that unnecessary worry out of owning a Pet. What we found was that most Pet owners did not realise this technology was available, and that losing a Pet was just a risk you had to take.

We created the F1 Finder to stop this worry.

We also found online that other tracking companies were not even based in NZ, but foreign companies operating from overseas pushing into our market. We found this created a huge disconnect from a NZ buyers reality to a foreign companies policies and procedures.

We have designed a product and company that we were expecting to find when we were were searching for a tracker. We took all the negatives we found, and created a positive that is NZ owned for you.

We hope it helps.




David Bateman

Dave has a history of working on GPRS systems through his 20 years experience in the Security Engineering industry where he started as on the tools and worked his through to owning his own Security Company.

Dave created Petlocate Ltd in 2017 because his family puppy was an escape artist. He knew the concept go GPRS tracking and how it worked from years of working on this type of communication so started searching which turned into researching. The idea snowballed after everyone he talked to showed interest in a Pet Tracking device, most of who didn't even know this was something that was out there.

Dave and his partner Ange run the company from Central Auckland and are the parents to the beautiful baby Zoey and of course Frank.