Have you ever lost your Pet?

Do you worry about your Pet while you are not at home?

Would knowing where your Pet was 24/7 put your mind at ease?

We are Proudly NZ Owned, and We have Created a Solution for You.

Our F1 Pet Tracker has been designed to prevent that worry when we are not around our Pets. We have designed a device that tells you exactly where your Pet is by simply looking at your phone.

Our free Google Maps styled Petlocate App shows a beacon where your Pet is on a Map. Simply push the Go button and get the fastest available route from you to them.  Even receive a notification if your Pet walks out your front gate plus have a full history of where your Pet has been during the day, week, month or even year.

Simply follow the easy setup instructions, attach to your Pets collar and turn it on. 

We designed the tracker originally to keep our boy Frank safe, and quickly realised what we had created should be something every Pet owner needed. The  peace of mind our tracker gave us had to be shared, so here it is.

Our F1 Finder Pet Tracker is robust, affordable and waterproof to suit NZ's conditions. Our F1 Finder Pet Tracker is also easy to use with no hidden costs and has a subtle design measuring 3cm x 5cm x 1cm so it isn't noticeable.

We are a NZ owned family company that understands the importance of your Pet. For some of us they are like our kids, and if they aren't where they should be Petlocate can give you an instant location with the touch of your Phone.

This is designed for you.

We hope it helps.

The Petlocate Team 


Regular price $115.00

Free Nationwide Shipping, Fully Rechargeable Battery, Easy Setup, GEO FENCE

Free user Friendly Android and Apple App, Notifications, No Hidden Cloud Fees

Full set of App Functions, Free SIM all ready Installed 






Regular price $175.00

Get your F1 Finder Fully programmed to suit you before you receive it. You will receive $10.00 on your Vodafone SIM plus an all ready registered App ready for you to track!
Simply switch the tracker on, download the App, and sign in with the pre-set passwords.



I can see this being a great option for pedigree breeds, farm dogs that like to wander and anxious fur parents like ourselves.


Harley is a bolter, so being able to receive notifications if he walks off the property is a real game changer for us

Claire Baguely

We did not even know this type of thing existed, it's so useful

Tim and Penny Coull

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